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Town Park

Latest News . . . Since appearing on the world's number one travel website TripAdvisor, Trowbridge Park has deservedly received many favourable comments and reviews, which can be found here. Congratulations are in turn due to the Friends of Trowbridge Park for their tireless efforts in making the park such an attraction for visitors, and grateful thanks go to Trowbridge Town Council and English Landscapes for their ongoing hard work and support.

Earlier in 2016, a joint initiative was undertaken by Trowbridge Town Council, Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police in order to further rid the town centre of anti-social behaviour. The Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPO) was designed to eventually replace the former Designated Public Place Orders (DPPO) currently running at eight locations throughout the county, with Trowbridge being the first to change. The purpose of the order is to help to enforce the control of anti-social behaviour, e.g on-street drinking, within the communities.

In July this year, a meeting was held at the Civic Centre to present a number of proposed projects for the Park, each designed to reflect both historical and artistic dimensions: the most favoured of these was the introduction of an Enchanted Victorian Garden, to be situated near the Polebarn Road entrance.

Following discussions between the Town Council and FoTP, local residents will be invited to adopt small plots of the park in the area of the lake, to maintain in keeping with the rest of the park.

Work continues on the link path from Tesco, FoTP having received a generous donation from the supermarket chain's Bags of Help scheme. This includes repairing cracks in the footpath, maintenance of trees along the river bank, improved information boards, and the installation of an archway between the wooden footbridge and the entrance to the Tesco car park. It is hoped that this project will be completed in early 2017.

For further details of the above, as outlined in the latest report by FoTP, please click here.

Town Park 1
Trowbridge Town Park Needs You !
A “Friends of Trowbridge Park” group has recently been established and we are inviting local residents to join us.
    The purpose of the group is primarily to maintain, enhance and protect the town park for the benefit and enjoyment of all residents.
    Your support in whatever capacity and level of commitment would be most welcome.
    If interested in learning more, please register your interest by contacting Sharl Adabashi and leaving your details, or alternatively complete a form available from the Tourist Information Centre within the Civic Centre.
    We look forward to hearing from you!
Contact: Sharl Adabashi
c/o Trowbridge Town Council
St Stephen’s Place
Trowbridge Wilts
BA14 8AH

Trowbridge Park is, and always has been, a major asset for the town of Trowbridge and its residents: indeed, it was originally known as the ‘People’s Park’. The Friends of Trowbridge Park (FoTP), with the help of local communities and support from Trowbridge Town Council, have an ongoing plan to transform the park into a desirable destination, both from a local standpoint and for out-of-town visitors, resulting in a positive impact on the wellbeing of people and bringing commercial benefits to local businesses.
    Proposed projects include remodelling of the lake, improving the bandstand, creating and erecting a major art installation, introducing an ‘Art in the Park’ for schools project. Other intended activities include a fitness trail, constructing a community lodge/youth meeting place, improving the Kiosk and its immediate surrounding area. Other discussions will also concentrate on anti-social behaviour and ASB reduction strategies.
    If you would like to contribute to the ongoing upkeep of Trowbridge Park, why not join FoTP on one of our monthly working parties? These take place on the first Wednesday of the month, between 2pm and 4pm: please contact for further details.