Each year the presiding Mayor of Trowbridge choses a charity to represent. Councillor Deborah Halik, Mayor for 2017-2018, has chosen Wiltshire Mind to help raise awareness of its work, and funds toward its running. The charity provides a range of services to support people in Wiltshire, suffering from mental health issues by offering:

Peer Support Groups: These groups run on a weekly basis, offering a safe place for people to share experiences and thoughts. They also provide 1-to-1 support and have speakers talk to the groups about money management, healthy eating, home safety – anything that is required for the group, as it is user-led.

Carer Support Groups: Provided in partnership with Carers Support Wiltshire, providing support by meeting others in a similar situation.

Evening Peer Support Groups: These run in the same way as day support groups, however they are purposely run in the evening for people who may not be able to attend those groups, due to work commitments.

Polish Counselling Service: Wiltshire Mind noted a barrier between Polish-speaking communities, leading to isolation. They provide Polish-speaking counselling which progresses to English, not only addressing mental health issues but also integration into the community.

1-to-1 Counselling Service: This service is provided every day to the community offering affordable counselling. They run approximately 200 sessions per month.

Telephone Service: Every day the centre receives many telephone calls from desperate individuals and families. The charity aims to see people in the same week to be able to offer services or signpost where to receive support for their individual needs.

The services Wiltshire Mind provide directly benefit Trowbridge and Wiltshire. They receive no funding from the NHS or the Government and purely rely on donations to be able to run their services for the community.