After two weeks of hard work from the Prince’s Trust Team, they have successfully completed the new heritage area at Trowbridge Town Hall. Before the room had its makeover it was a storage space and was the access point to the lift. The room underwent a fresh coat of paint as well as a good tidy up. In the previous news article regarding the heritage room you would have seen a picture of what the room looked like before it underwent its transformation.

On one wall the team have created a timeline of the existence of the Town Hall and what it was used for. Also back in the 1960s it was a popular venue with the Top Twenty Club where live music was always heard and was the place to be. The team have created a board displaying the history of this club and it makes for an interesting read.

Trowbridge Town Hall are really pleased with it and would very much like the residents and visitors of Trowbridge to pop in and find out a bit more about the Town Hall from its past to its future.