Trowbridge Town Council are always pleased to be associated with what’s going on around the rest of the county, and recently Aby and Penny from the council’s Customer Services Team were invited to Pewsey Vale Riding Centre. The centre has over 70 horses and riding lessons start from £25 for adults and from £18 for children.
Penny, having far more riding experience than Aby, took to it straight away whilst Aby was just pleased to have got on the horse(!). Instructors Lucy and Rosie both work at the Centre and are both keen riders. Rosie instructed the lesson which involved reign control, walking and trotting. Lucy was there to hold Mistletoe (and probably Aby’s hand). Both instructors supported Aby and Penny throughout and remained very patient, even when Lucy got pulled into the mud by Mistletoe (with Aby panicking a bit).  Penny being back in the saddle trotted straight away with Ringo around the paddock.
The session lasted 40 minutes, but being so well constructed, both Aby and Penny got plenty out of the lesson. Penny has now rediscovered her love for riding, and has said that she will be back. Aby, on the other hand, is pleased she took part and eventually managed to ‘rein in’ her fears . . .
Thank you to Pewsey Vale Riding Centre and especially to Lucy and Rosie for being so calm and patient with the team. Also thank you to Ringo and Mistletoe, especially Mistletoe for putting up with a very nervous Aby!