Trowbridge Mosque invites you to their Open Day on Saturday 30th December, between 2pm and 4pm. It’s an opportunity for community engagement and to ask questions and get to know the Muslim community and enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or Moroccan Tea. People from different faiths or no faith backgrounds are welcome to get to know the Muslim community from different racial and social backgrounds.
It is hoped that the occasion will open the doors for all to learn more about Islam and the Muslim community. This will also help remove any misconceptions some members of the community may hold. The main topic of discussion will be ‘Most Popular Questions Asked By Non-Muslims To Muslims’

Please Note the following Dress Code for visiting the Mosque:
Women are required to wear a long skirt, or trousers with a fully sleeved top. Women also need to cover their head upon entering the Mosque. Head Scarves are available at the Mosque.
Men don’t need to cover their head but are required to dress modestly. Trousers and a shirt or tee shirt would be appropriate but not shorts.
The dress code is not unique to the mosques. Those of you who have visited St Mark’s Basilica (Catholic Church) will be aware that at the entrance men are told to remove hats and that their shorts/trousers should at least reach their knees. Women are told to cover their head, shoulders, and upper legs.
Everyone is respectfully requested to remove shoes before entering the Mosque. There is a shoe rack in the entrance.