Mayor of Trowbridge, Councillor Dennis Drewett has chosen four charities to whom to give his support during his year in office: read more about one of them here . . .

The Bath Cancer Unit Support Group was founded in 1985 by the late Charles Thompson who, until his retirement, had been the Principal of the City of Bath Technical College.Charles had been a trustee of the Bath Cancer Unit Appeal which had been established in the late 1970’s for the sole purpose of raising sufficient funds to purchase the Royal United Hospital’s first Linear Accelerator for the treatment of cancers.

Following the successful completion of the Appeal, Charles was convinced that the momentum which had been established by the Appeal would continue and this was his rationale for establishing the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group.

The objects of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group are to relieve sickness by supporting the work of the Oncology and Radiotherapy Unit at the Bath Royal United Hospital and other units providing the same or similar or related services for patients by raising money to purchase equipment and provide facilities and services not provided by the health authority.

The Bath Cancer Unit mainly treats patients from North & West Wiltshire, North Somerset and the City of Bath and of a population of some 500,000 residents over 80% reside outside of Bath.
The Bath Cancer Unit Support Group differs from other charities in that it is a local charity supporting a local cancer unit.

All trustees and fund raisers give of their own time and at their own expense. This means that the operating costs of the charity are exceptionally low.

To find out more about BCUSG, please click here. (Pictured, Mayor Dennis Drewett with Tino Polledri, Vice-Chairman of Trowbridge Branch, BCUSG.)