It’s that time of year again when Trowbridge Town Council renews all its sponsorships by local businesses. You may have seen the signs on roundabouts within and around the town: each sponsor displays its business logo and contact details on the sign for a twelve-month period. All current sponsors are being contacted with a view to renewal of their contracts, yet once completed and we know what sites are available, we would gladly welcome enquiries from other businesses. See below for prices:

Entrance box signs are costed at £250

Roundabout signs are costed at £300

Planters are costed at £60

Flower beds are costed at £300

We are also encouraging local businesses to take pride in the environment by purchasing a hanging basket. These are available at just £50 for the growing period. Trowbridge Town Council will fit the basket and water regularly. Should the basket become damaged, then we will replace it at no extra charge.

If you wish to sponsor a sign or purchase a hanging basket or would like more information, then please contact Ben on in**@tr********.uk or call 01225 765072 for more details.

Please note all costs are exclusive of VAT. There is also a £5 handling fee. No discounts will be given for multiple signs, however only one handling fee will be charged.