Thursday July 4th saw elections take place in the Drynham and Grove wards of Trowbridge.
In Grove Ward, the Independent candidate Graham Hill was elected, polling 441 votes, while Anthony Mansfield (Labour) received 62 votes. No other candidates stood for this position.

Two positions were vacant within Drynham Ward, following the death earlier this year of Councillor Graham Payne, who held positions as both town and Unitary (Wiltshire Council) councillor. The result of the election for the position on the Town Council was as follows:
Denise Bates (Liberal Democrat)    389 votes (Elected)
Khamal Reynolds (Conservative)    324 votes
John Knight (Independent)             270 votes
Shaun Henley (Labour)                     39 votes

The result of the election for the position with Wiltshire Council was as follows:
Andrew Bryant (Liberal Democrat)    431 votes (Elected)
Khamal Reynolds (Conservative)        316 votes
John Knight (Independent)                 246 votes
Shaun Henley (Labour)                        44 votes

The two new Trowbridge Town Councillors formally took up their seats at a Full Council meeting, held at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 16th July.

Another ward election is to take place on Thursday August 22nd, this time in the Central Ward of the town, following the resignation of a councillor earlier this year. To see the list of those nominated as candidates for this election, please click here.