St John’s Honeypot Day Centre is a small UK registered charity that provides for the residents of Upper Studley and the District of Trowbridge, helping older or socially isolated people maintain their health and well-being through providing hot, nutritionally-balanced meals, fun and stimulating activities, and further support to tackle problems caused by social isolation. We run on Mondays at St. John the Evangelist Church Hall throughout the year, except Bank Holidays and August.

We are now seeking someone to join us in a voluntary role as Treasurer, a position key to the management of our resources and of our group. He or she would be a trustee and responsible for budgeting and financial planning, reporting to the committee with any updates, and producing annual accounts for income and expenditure. He or she will also keep records and bank any monies as required, additionally paying any bills and dealing with any of our insurances.

Possessing a general financial overview, the position of treasurer works in tandem with our weekly operation, being part of what we do at both ‘grass roots’ and committee levels, so being able to be present on Mondays is important to get the whole picture and enjoy all the fun of what we do.

Honeypot’s hours run between 11am and 4pm and it would be ideal to work with someone who can join us on Mondays. Those interested should contact Dave Lewis by email at da***********@gm***.com.