Keen knitters, in and around Trowbridge, with the help of Trowbridge Town Council staff, have well and truly answered the call for the town’s 2019 Knitted Poppy appeal. Having first appeared around the town in November last year to help commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One thanks to an idea by former Town Council employee Emy-Louise Cox, so many poppies were knitted this year and, when added to those knitted in 2018, the Town Council have been able to decorate part of the outside of St. James’ Parish Church in time for this year’s Remembrance.
The Town Council would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all who knitted poppies in 2018, and those who have participated this year . . .

Emy-Louise Cox
Shaws The Drapers
Tess Smith
Grove Primary School
Pat Bell
Lyn Owen

Shirley Penny
Mrs Lancaster
Joan Randall
Pauline Dennis
Corsham Knitting and Crochet Club
Ladies of Purple Butterfly
Jenny Cornwall
Mrs S Provis
Julia Urch
Maureen (Shaws The Drapers)
Marion Kay
Sandra Glover
Laura Grey
Aby Cooper
Ben Deadman
Mike Holden
Lin Stevens
Andrew Stevenson
Karl Buckingham
Rev. Rob Thomas and St James’ Church
Viv Holloway
Janet Hammond
Yvonne Sherman
Mary Purnell
Pat Walter
Sylvia Dicks
Joan Harrington
Linda Benbow
Mickey Melia