Following the successful introduction and operation of a new road sweeper this autumn, Trowbridge Town Council will soon be considering their budgets for 2020. As part of that process, and in the longer term, the Town Council will be asked to take over more services and facilities from Wiltshire Council, and will accordingly need to make provision for them. Included will be The Down Cemetery, litter bins, the recreation grounds at Stallards, Seymour and Elm Grove: Paxcroft Brook open space and Biss Meadows and a number of the town’s other green areas are to be considered. Whilst we are fully aware that some aspects of service provided by Wiltshire Council have fallen short of the community’s expectations, the Town Council would be interested to know if you would be prepared to pay a little bit more on your Council Tax to improve our service levels in these areas. We’d like to point out that Trowbridge Town Council currently charges significantly less than Salisbury, Chippenham and a number of other towns across Wiltshire. Would you be prepared to pay an extra £3 per month? Please let us know what you think – email in**@tr********.uk, or write to Trowbridge Town Council, The Civic Centre, St. Stephen’s Place, Trowbridge BA14 8AH.