Attention! Trowbridge Town Council is updating the existing lamp column banners with the help of City Dressing.

You want to get your business name out there and help the town centre of Trowbridge to get more attractive at the same time? This is your opportunity.

City Dressing is the leading supplier of town center outdoor media. Soon, the company is going to install and maintain between 40 and 100 lamp column banners. The design of the banner will promote Trowbridge as a place. That’s why most space of the banner will display the ‘Discover TROWBRIDGE’ logo. The remaining space is intended for local businesses that would sponsor the banners by getting their logo and company message on the bottom of the banner. By sponsoring the Banner, you put money into the town centre. 20% of the cost goes into the reinvestment of the town that is done by City Dressing. Your sponsorship would help decorating the town during Christmas time, building pop-up Parks and much more.

Exemplary Design


The price for one site is £45.00 a month, payable by direct debit. Each month is paid in advance. There is a special offer for 3 sites for £108.00 a month.

Banner Locations


If you are interested in sponsoring a banner, please contact:

Jeremy Rucker
City Dressing
01249 561 007

If you have any questions, please contact:

Aby Cooper
01225 765072