At last July’s Civic Service, Mayor of Trowbridge Councillor David Cavill said that one of his objectives would be to bring the many voluntary and leisure services in Trowbridge together to demonstrate their commitment, enthusiasm and service to the town, as well as enabling them to interact with each other so that they could increase cooperation and at the same time avoid duplication. The result was Celebrating Trowbridge, an innovative collaboration between the Town Council and the Town Hall Trust, which took place on Saturday 8th February. Prior to the event, Councillor Cavill had said he would have been happy with 30 or 40 groups being involved, but was delighted that 90 participated and, had there been room, there would have been more.
He estimated that almost 2,000 people visited the event to the extent that it was often difficult to move around: it was a resounding success.

He also said “Many are aware how much happens in our town beneath the surface, but Celebrating Trowbridge gave all of these local groups an opportunity to garner the attention they deserve, and I believe that this has been a vital step toward Trowbridge Town Council and the Town Trust’s commitment to make the town a more vibrant and connected place.”

Councillor Cavill, along with David Lockwood of Trowbridge Town Hall, also expressed their sincere thanks to everyone involved, including the many marvellous volunteers, the staff at both the Town Hall and Town Council and, of course, all those who gave up their Saturday to help bring about such a successful community event.