I thought you might like to hear from myself to let you know what we are doing within Trowbridge to manage this dreadful crisis, that has not only affected our town, but the rest of the world. The good news is that it has been reported recently that although the numbers of infections continue to increase, those increases are a little less than predicted. This does not however mean that anyone can lower their guard, but it is good to know that the measures put in place by the Government are in the main being followed and are evidently beginning to have an effect. It is still early days, of course, and no-one can be sure: however, I have always been someone who sees the glass as half full, and as I go about taking my daily exercise and shopping in and around the town, I am delighted to see that our community is pulling together.

Many members of staff at Trowbridge Town Council are working from home to keep the engines running, so to speak, but our Neighbourhood Services team are constantly busy checking to ensure that the most vulnerable within our community have been identified so that we can offer support from shopping to collecting prescriptions, or even walking the dog. We are working closely with all of our local charities and church organisations to ensure we are doing our very best for our residents, and we will continue to do so.

We are all committed to doing what we can to care for and improve Trowbridge, and this has never been more evident than at this time. May I thank everyone, and there are many of you, who continue to work within the community helping others, particularly those working in the NHS , doctors’ surgeries and chemists, and also in our shops that remain open to supply those basic needs.

Finally, if you have a mobile phone, can I ask you to consider downloading an important tracking tool which has been developed by Kings College in London and is proving hugely important in helping track the spread of COVID-19.
I would also ask you to use the app (you can use the same link for several people) to complete the tracking questionnaire for those who are vulnerable on your radar and who do not have a mobile phone. Go to https://covid.joinzoe.com/ and just download the app from Apple or Google. Register and answer the questions: you will join 2 million people who help develop maps and gather data which will help to make a huge difference.

Please remember to keep following the Governmental advice, and stay safe . . .

Councillor David Cavill FRSA, Mayor of Trowbridge.