The Trowbridge Museum team may be working from home (and we’re even getting help from our manager Hannah’s daughter, Eilan), but we are still helping the community engage with history from afar! Our Learning and Outreach team have been on hand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help with homeschooling and history queries and have received some fantastic feedback, including a huge thank you from Helen to our colleague Nikki: “She has been a fountain of knowledge, ideas and resources for our local history project. It has made a topic I was dreading much easier, and even I am learning how amazing our town really is.”
The team are also still working behind the scenes to keep the Onwards & Upwards redevelopment project moving during these difficult times, and cannot wait to open the Museum for the people of Trowbridge and beyond.
To keep up to date with what the team are up to and the progress of the project, be sure to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, where we are continuing to feature the collection, home based crafts, and facts about our fantastic town! As we are closing our ‘Trowbridge Museum Project’ Facebook page, all of our exciting project developments and progress pictures will be moving over to our Trowbridge Museum Facebook page! Keep an eye out for updates as we reach the final stages of the redevelopment! (Don’t forget, you can find out more by visiting our website.)