Town Clerk and Chief Executive of Trowbridge Town Council, Lance Allan, has sought to reassure the residents of the town regarding recent reports of an increase in Council Tax payments. Speaking recently, he said “I would like to make it absolutely clear that the Town Council will not need to implement a Council Tax increase to pay off its existing loans. These loans are all on fixed interest rates and and are fully funded from the current levels of Council Tax.”

He added “The Town Council has been investing in services and facilities for the town for a number of years now, including the Civic Centre, Woodmarsh Football Ground, the expanded Museum (due to open later this year) and our new storage unit in the Park, which will be used for our street sweeper, weed ripping machine and Active Trowbridge equipment. We are however also giving consideration to borrowing to fund a proposed artificial turf pitch at Doric Park.”

Full details of the Town Council’s existing borrowing and repayment arrangements can be found here.