Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, all departments of Trowbridge Town Council have continued to provide services to the town and its people: some departments are also looking ahead to later in the year, when we hope things will have changed. Niamh, from the Facilities Team, takes up the story . . .

“We were of course extremely disappointed to have to take the difficult decision to cancel a number of key summer events in Trowbridge but we fully realise the importance of doing so in line with Government guidelines on COVID-19. We’re sure that everyone’s efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ will be successful and will enable us to return to some normality later in the year.
The really great news is that we are still continuing with plans for a fantastic Christmas event for Trowbridge, including a bigger and brighter Lantern Parade, which we hope will lift everyone’s spirits and bring the community together at the start of the Christmas season after a very troubling time. We will however continue in assessing the likelihood of being able to hold public events late in November, and are working towards a range of ‘contingency plans’ depending on the situation later in the year.

“Our new Town Council storage facility build project has been put on hold during this time: once again, the safety of those working on-site is our priority. We look forward to getting the project back on track.”