I have been working from home during lockdown, following the Government’s guidance from the onset that we should do so if we can. Whilst I have been getting out on my bike for my regular exercise, unfortunately that doesn’t mean I can get to Trowbridge, but the team at Trowbridge Town Council have been dealing with all council business as well as the additional work that has been undertaken to outreach to and support the community. I am very proud of the team, whether they have been supporting the vulnerable, getting on with their usual work in unusual circumstances or coping with being furloughed, waiting to find out how and when things will get back to some degree of normality. I would like to thank them all. In the meantime we have been holding a regular weekly online meeting with the town councillors every Tuesday evening. This has worked well despite some technical issues and having held the Annual Council meeting formally online in May, we will now be moving to holding all council and committee meetings online from July. Whether we are working from home, continuing our operations or preparing for the future, we are all working for the future of Trowbridge.