Although recent changes have been made by the Government regarding the increased use of open spaces for exercise and for meeting one other person at a time, Trowbridge Town Council would like to remind residents that any play areas that have been cordoned off are NOT to be used. We have received reports of children being lifted over fences so that they might use play equipment: this is strictly forbidden, and we would ask that you do not endanger your children or yourself by letting them use the equipment. We’ve also recently received reports that tape that has been put in place to cordon these areas off is being torn down in order to gain access to the play areas. Furthermore, we would ask that anyone witnessing this should call 101.
Please be aware that any one breaking these rules could be liable to a heavy fine.The Government has recently published a new set of guidelines which should help clarify the changes –
please click here (you will find details of the fines in bold).