Many people have been awaiting the reopening of the public toilets within Trowbridge’s Castle Place shopping centre.

Julie Davis, centre manager, says “As the Government is now reducing social distancing measures down to ‘one meter plus’, we will be reopening the toilets on Saturday 4th July, with the following conditions:

Opening times will be reduced to 10.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Saturday

The number of cubicles & urinals available for use will be reduced

No more than three members of public will be allowed in at any one time

“We will also increase the existing cleaning regime within this area, and more signage will be in place. However, customers and visitors should note that this will be the start of a trial period of two weeks. If we feel that members of the public appear unable to adhere to these new social distancing measures and these conditions, then we will have no option but to close them again.”

For more information, please call 01225 763839.