Since the beginning of the lockdown period, employees of Trowbridge Town Council have continued to work to help the town and its residents through these unprecedented times. While members of various departments have been constantly helping those more vulnerable members of our community, it shouldn’t be forgotten that other colleagues have also been keeping things ticking over. Here’s what Juliet Weimar, the Town Council’s Head of Service has to  say . . .

The Civic

“As well as planning and programming for the future, manager Paul has maintained all administrative duties of The Civic, including all ticket refunds for Civic booked events, liaising with customers, promoters, contractors, and service providers. He continues to monitor the bar and cellar maintenance, ensuring all equipment is kept in working condition. Communication with suppliers has also been essential. With assistance from Carl Maddox from our Neighbourhood Services team, he has continued to provide the Civic for all booked NHS Blood Donor sessions, which have proven to be even more essential during this time and have continued to take place on a regular basis. Paul reports that Trowbridge residents have been fantastic in their continued support of this essential service.
“Lots of enquiries are starting to come in for private bookings and events and I’m happy to be able to report that the Civic is gearing up for a very strong and positive return in the future.
“Paul has also maintained constant communication with all his staff during lockdown, with concern for their health and well-being during this difficult time of uncertainty. Despite most of the Civic staff currently being on furlough, their spirits remain high and they are all eager to return to work to continue with the Civic’s success, using it to its full potential and making it bigger and better than before.”

HR and Finance

“During this lockdown period and whilst working from home, our HR and Finance departments have been working extremely hard to ensure their continued smooth operation, and continuing to contribute to the overall running of the Town Council.
“This began with closing our financial end of year accounts back in April. This was a longer process than usual, due to having to meet with auditors virtually, but our Finance Team worked closely together to get this completed on time, alongside our external auditors.
“The Finance Team are continuing to pay invoices, answer customer and client queries, and raise invoices. They have successfully implemented new processes to be able to continue with all their daily tasks and have adapted well to the new way of working. Our Finance and HR departments have been communicating constantly to ensure all staffing updates are implemented.
“HR has also continued its general administration of activities for council employees, including ensuring good staff welfare, answering and helping employees with queries or concerns, reporting monthly pension figures, calculating annual leave entitlement, and maintaining all employee records.
“Everyone in the team, and indeed throughout the rest of the Town Council, has adapted well to working from home and have been able to continue to complete their job role to a high standard, by communicating and working well together.
“I would like to extend a huge thank you to all in the Finance and HR department: Lin, Georgia, Varsha, and Ellie, for their hard work and positive approach; to the Civic Manager, Paul, who has single-handedly kept the Civic going with all questions and enquiries and has been extremely busy rescheduling and booking for a busy return to business, and finally to Mandy our new Council Secretary, who has not only had to learn the job itself very quickly but has also had to adapt to working from home. Well done, Mandy.
“Many thanks to you all.”