Wiltshire Council has joined forces with Wiltshire Police to remind residents to play their part and act responsibly when pubs reopen this weekend.

At the end of June, the UK Government announced that pubs, restaurants, and hotels would be allowed to reopen from July 4th. Several other types of businesses would also be allowed to reopen, such as barbers, hair salons and cinemas.

Whilst this is a positive step forward in revitalising the local economy, it is important that the public continue to take extra precautions to stop coronavirus from spreading and ensure they act responsibly at this time, as anti-social behaviour can not be tolerated.

As the local licensing authority, Wiltshire Council has an important role in ensuring pubs and restaurants are opening with the right conditions in place and adhering to social distancing guidelines. To help with the reopening process, the Government will also relax the two metre social distancing rule, replacing it with ‘one metre plus’ in situations where keeping two metres apart is not possible. This means people can remain one metre apart, as long as other measures are put in place to limit the transmission of the virus. These include wearing a face mask or covering, installing plastic screens, and providing extra handwashing facilities.