Trowbridge Town Council is very happy to now be able to tell residents and visitors to the town that all of its play areas will be re-opening from Saturday July 4th. We would, however, ask that a few simple rules are observed, as we still need to do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 . . .

  • Let’s start by saying that, as always, play area users are reminded that they do so at their own risk
  • Wear appropriate face coverings when and where required (no matter how good looking you might be!)
  • Keep those hands as clean as possible at all times – wash them whenever possible, and remember to use hand sanitiser regularly
  • Please follow any designated routes that have been marked – remember, these are there for your safety, and that of others
  • Similarly, make sure you give others enough room – remember to socially distance at all times (this also applies when using any benches within the play area, when adults need to take a breather!)
  • Please be patient when using any play equipment . . . And please, please be nice to each other . . .