Trowbridge Town Council will be reopening the Information Centre from Monday August 3rd, operating on revised hours of 8am until 4pm (closed 1230-1pm for lunch), Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday, closed Wednesday and Saturday. (During the lockdown period, the Information Centre team have been working remotely from home, and will continue to do so on Wednesdays, so they can be contacted using the details at the end of this article.) Visitors are advised that all correct measures regarding COVID-19 will be in place, and will need to be observed at all times. It should be noted that this area will be the only part of the Civic Centre open to the public – any other Town Council departments that remain able to work remotely have been instructed to do so following government guidelines. Also, we would like to point out that there will be no public toilet facilities available in the building.
For more information please call 01225 765072 or email in**@tr********.uk.


The team have put together a video to show you what to expect: