As many Trowbridge residents will be aware, at one time there were public toilets to the left of the bandstand in the Town Park. They were however misused, underused, often vandalised and a location for anti-social behaviour. Many visitors to the town and the park itself said that, although they were aware of the toilets, they would not use them, nor would they allow their children to do so. They also proved significantly costly to Council Tax payers from the point of maintenance, repair and cleaning, for example. It should be noted that councils are not obliged to provide public toilet facilities: furthermore, any expense related to any existing would need to be covered by a proportion of residential Council Tax.

Now, Trowbridge Town council is inviting its residents to take part in and complete a short ten-question online survey concerning how they might make use of public toilet facilities in the centre of the town, particularly in and around the area of the Town Park. The survey should take just a few minutes to complete: we would ask, however, that the survey be completed just once per resident, and that those completing the survey live within the town boundary of Trowbridge.

Please note that all data will be kept anonymous once analysed, and no individual will be linked to any facet of the data collected. Should you wish to be kept up-to-date with the findings of the working party and the outcome of this survey, please email Lance Allan at la*********@tr********.uk.

Click here to complete the survey and have your say!