Situated on one of Trowbridge’s main streets, Silver Street, a unique new business is offering one-off items of memorabilia and retro furnishings. The ‘bedroom-to-business’ BB Vintage store is run by owner Phoebe Huntley, who set up the business with her dad Jim.

After only a couple of months or two, the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of bric-a-brac is continuing to cause a great deal of local interest.

So where did this business idea come from? Phoebe said “It’s been an interest of mine and my dad’s for quite a while, but we were just buying vintage pieces for the house. Due to Covid-19, I had to return from my travels, and it also meant that I no longer had a job. We just came up with the idea of opening a shop like this as there is nothing along these lines in Trowbridge, but similar shops in Catherine Hill in Frome appear to be so popular, so we thought ‘why not?’. I’m currently working on preparing a second room in the shop so we can expand and display more of the stock.”

The daughter and father team get their items from many different sources. Phoebe added “We’ll get our stock from anywhere where we can. These range from seaside postcards to beer mats and hat stands, figurines to elegant large mirrors, lampshades, bedroom furniture, and chairs. Everything is a one-off so once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

To find out more about BB Vintage, go to their Facebook page by clicking here.