Some new regulations on COVID-19 will come into operation on Thursday September 24th, as were outlined recently by the Prime Minister . . . How will these affect us?

Regulations regarding the wearing of face masks will change. Those found not wearing face coverings or masks in areas where they should, including on public transport, or in supermarkets and shopping centres, will face a fine of £200, double that which the previous regulations stated. Retail workers, such as supermarket staff, who have been exempt from having to wear masks up to now, will now have to do so. However, those who are have been and remain exempt from wearing face coverings due to underlying health conditions will still not have to wear coverings.

Pubs and restaurants will now by law have to close at 10pm – and without the traditional ten minutes ‘drinking up time’ which was always the case before all-day opening was allowed. Anyone who now fancies a drink at the local will only be able to enjoy it when seated at a table, having received table service. Standing at the bar will no longer be permitted. Additionally, face masks and coverings will now be compulsory for all bar staff and those customers who are not seated.

Plans to allow supporters to return to sporting events are being paused, and the ‘Rule Of Six’ now applies to indoor sports.

Finally, for those looking forward to the ‘Big Day’, the happy couple can now only have 15 guests at their wedding, half the number that was allowed previously.

It is anticipated that these changed rules will probably be in place for the next six months.