The Studley Green estate in Trowbridge now has a new meeting place, after a portakabin was recently installed in the grounds of the Community Centre on Lambrok Road.

Despite mildly drizzly weather on the day, the operation of the cabin being gently lifted off a low-loader lorry was watched by members of Trowbridge Future, the independent charity which supports local communities throughout the town.

Meg Aubrey, Trowbridge Future’s Youth and Community Development Manager, said “Our role is to support the residents of Trowbridge and make Trowbridge a great place to live and really respond to their needs and concerns.

“We identified from parents and residents that young people in Studley Green and across Trowbridge really need more positive activities to get involved with and a space which they can feel is theirs.

“We are creating a space where young people can come and do activities that they choose with trained youth workers. We have already been talking to them about having a nice safe space to talk and chat. They can play games, get involved in creative activities and also meet local residents to see what changes they would like to see in the community.”

Another project that has recently taken place at Lambrok Playing Fields is a series of repairs to some existing fencing, and Trowbridge Future would like to pass on their heartfelt thanks to Dom Walmsley and his team at Silcoa for improving the appearance and safety of the area.

Dom explained “We could see that some of the fence panels and posts needed to be replaced, so we contacted Bradfords Building Supplies who very kindly donated the timber: our thanks go to Piotr Olczak for putting in the hard work.”

Further commenting on the role of Trowbridge Future, Meg added “We hear a lot from people who say that there is not a lot to do but also spaces where people can connect of all ages. I’d like to remind everyone that we have a really successful community hub in The Shires Shopping Centre and will always support people who are lonely, people who are vulnerable in the town and don’t know where else to go.

“We are really keen to hear from people about their ideas and how they want the town to improve and celebrate Trowbridge.”

You can visit the Trowbridge Future website here.