BiBO Property is a brand-new estate agent based in the Trowbridge area, focusing on high-quality residential lettings and investment properties. Their belief is that everyone deserves to live somewhere they’re proud to call home, and we think Trowbridge is no better place than to live! BiBO Property was founded by architects, so not only do they love buildings, they understand them . . . along with issues such as planning constraints, budgets and how to add value to a property. Their mission is to help landlords and building owners realise the full potential of their assets and deliver the best possible residential accommodation to make Trowbridge the most desirable town in Wiltshire. They themselves will soon be moving into new premises within the town itself.

Who are we?
Before joining BiBO Property, director Jamie Connor spent years working for large estate agents overseeing hundreds of residential valuations for lettings and sales, and managing rental properties on behalf of landlords. More recently, he has trained as a deal-sourcer, analysing property deals for investors seeking a firm, honest and realistic understanding of their returns.

Pepper Barney is a qualified architect, with years of experience helping building and land owners visualise the potential of their property, gaining planning permission, and overseeing timely cost-controlled construction. She too has completed development costing analysis training as part of her personal interest in investment, business, economics and wealth management.

Both Jamie and Pepper are proud long-term renters, and will actively listen to what those customers want.

Why Trowbridge?
Jamie was born and raised in Trowbridge and has family and friends here. He wants to use his skills and expertise to help make the town a great place to live for the people he cares about most.

Pepper stumbled across Trowbridge by happy accident just over two years ago. She loves the historic buildings and green spaces, and shares the optimism of business owners and residents, along with the town’s creative community.

BiBO think Trowbridge deserves the best, and are very excited to invest in the town by growing their business here. Over the next few months their ambition is to recruit locally and to contribute to the town’s economy. Their longer term plan, working with their associated companies, is to help put residents much more at the heart of development in the town.