As December approaches and with it the true onset of winter, Wiltshire Council have been busy making preparations to keep Trowbridge’s roads running smoothly.

At the end of each previous winter, all of the council’s 26 gritting vehicles receive a thorough service, assessments and tests are made of gritting routes and working arrangements with parishes and other agencies throughout Wiltshire.

Councillor Bridget Wayman, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Highways said “We have a dedicated team who work all hours necessary in very difficult conditions, and we are fully prepared for this coming winter.

“We can never predict how severe a winter will be, but the wealth of experience we have means we are in the best possible position should bad weather hit the county.”

Additionally, the council has also successfully implemented a salt bin recycling project, to keep its 1,600 bins throughout the county in good condition. The project sees batches of damaged and end of life salt bins being recycled to be used in other ways.

The initial batch of 18 bins (350kg) has already been cleaned before being recycled, and the next 400kg batch of around twenty bins is now ready to be similarly processed. Also under preparation are another 25 bins (around 500kg) for processing, meaning a total of around 1.25 tonnes of plastic will be diverted from landfill.