Based in Trowbridge since 1983, HELP Counselling Services has been helping Wiltshire communities receive the mental health support they need. To date, we have helped almost 9,000 people who have been struggling with experiences such as depression, anxiety, historic childhood and adult domestic abuse, long-term or life-limiting illnesses, bereavement and loss, abuse in all its forms, and trauma. We understand that these issues bring difficult feelings and have painful effects on our lives, and can often affect our relationships, and bring on further problems like self-neglect, isolation, self-harm and low self-esteem, as well as physical symptoms such as sleeping problems, chronic fatigue and anxiety attacks.

Our core belief is that everyone deserves to be able to access high quality, professional counselling. Our amazing counsellors give their time and skill for free. Because of this, we are able to provide a donation-based service, which means we ask clients to make a donation toward the cost of counselling, this can be as little as £5 as session. We offer an initial appointment within 2 weeks of contact and aim to get counselling started with 8 weeks. We are here to support you, with up to 16 sessions of one to one counselling, which can help you find a safe space to explore your feelings, build resilience and grow personal awareness.

Our COVID-19 response was very quick, and we were one of the only services in Wiltshire to have our counsellors trained for online and telephone counselling within a week of lockdown. Since then we have seen a 22% increase in the support we have provided. Because of this we have brought on board 5 new counsellors, which will help us provide over 3000 sessions of the next 12 months.

We know that 2020 has been very hard on families, relationships and individuals as we all struggle with effects of lockdown and all the issues it has brought. One particular issue we would like to highlight is the increase of men accessing counselling. Often this is the first time they have talked openly about their feelings and difficulties, and we have been truly encouraged by the growth and change in their lives. As such we are looking for men in our community to join our team of trustees, to have a say on how we run and grow.

We hope 2021 begins to draw and close to the difficulties that we have faced together this year. We hope we will be able to return to face to face counselling in the spring. Until then we wish all members of our community peace and joy over the Christmas period. Please keep safe.

For more information about applying for counselling or joining our team, including contact details for HCS, please click this link.