What a year we have to come, when many of us will actually look forward to joining a queue for injections! I do hope you will all join the fight by following the rules and will be willingly presenting your arms to our wonderful medical staff for your jab . . . We may then be hopeful that later this year, life will start to return to normal and we may be able to go on holiday, visit a pub and have a full Twelve Days of Christmas.

Life will certainly go on, and we can look forward to improvements coming (as ever, a little slowly) to our town. Wiltshire Council are in the process of finally secure the £16.2million from the Future High Streets Fund awarded to rejuvenate our town centre. We have seen the new markets appear on the former Bowyers site and will hopefully welcome final plans for developing this area of the town. The future of the Town Hall will perhaps seem more certain and will see further plans for improvements to the fabric of our town moving forward. The new all-weather football pitch at Doric Park will move closer to reality, and our greatly improved Museum will at last re-open. All being well, I might even see you in the Odeon!

On a more serious note, please look after your elderly neighbours and make every effort to stay safe in 2021.

With very best wishes to you all.

Councillor Peter Fuller

Mayor of Trowbridge