Many people of a certain age will remember the days of getting their milk delivered to their doorstep by their friendly milkman. However, with supermarkets dominating our shopping habits, this has become more of a rarity. Also, in recent years with many of us becoming more aware of making an impact on the environment, especially when it comes to plastic waste, it now looks as though milk deliveries are on the increase again! Periods of lockdown throughout the coronavirus pandemic have also contributed to a resurgence in milk deliveries: and this is true locally . . . We spoke with Gemma from Steeple Ashton Dairy:

“We are a small team – James, Gemma and Malcolm. We also have our two dogs, Rosie and Gracie. Although the girls aren’t hands-on (or maybe that should be paws-on!) with the business, they do provide great snuggles on the sofa after a long day. James has over 40 years experience in the industry: he started delivering at the age of 5 on the electric milk floats with his Dad. He broke away from the family business and diversified by building a wholesale delivery service in the local area.
“In January 2020 James and I decided to start our own doorstep delivery milk round providing glass bottles, and the dream was to do this on an electric milk float. So we decided to start up and we soon had a small customer base: then, just as the business was slowly building up, along came the pandemic and things got a bit crazy for us!            “Throughout Covid, we have both worked day and night to keep up with taking orders, updating our system, getting the rounds book in order, finding that little house hidden away from sight, and basically just getting milk and goods on doorsteps. In June we achieved our dream of buying an electric milk float, and we named him Ernie. It’s fair to say he gets a lot of attention! In September, Malcolm joined the team to help with the deliveries. Throughout the year we have teamed up with local suppliers to provide local produce from our product range – this is very important to us. We’re still taking on new customers, so please get in touch if you’re interested in going green and supporting local.”

They deliver three times a week in and around the Trowbridge area, location-dependent on certain days, and offer a wide range of locally-sourced products, delivered to your doorstep. From fresh cream, fresh juice, eggs, bacon, to bread, cookies and brownies, as well as milk alternatives – make sure you visit their website for the full list by clicking here or give them a call on 01380 871587. (There is no minimum order and delivery is free.)

Steeple Ashton Dairy is certainly a blast from the past – and they’re playing a part in reducing our plastic consumption (and most importantly, no more worries about forgetting to pick up the milk on your way home!).