Street Pastors is a national organisation with groups functioning in many towns and cities across the country: the Trowbridge branch recently received a grant of £500 from Trowbridge Town Council. However, due to the Coronavirus restrictions of the last year they have been unable to operate, but continue to hope to be able to do so as soon as possible.

Normally, in Trowbridge, teams of four people are sent out each Saturday night between 10.30 pm and 3 am. The pastors’ aim is to help achieve a pleasant atmosphere around the town by chatting to and befriending those who have problems due to ‘over enjoying’ themselves. Although they do not offer medical assistance, they carry bottles of water, flip flops (for when the high heels have taken their toll!) and lollies – all of which help to create a happier atmosphere. Local police are aware of the pastors’ work, but the two bodies are not connected in any way: however, if the situation arises where someone requires medical assistance, the pastors can request an ambulance and will wait with the person until help arrives.

The registration fee for membership of the national organisation of Street Pastors is £300 per quarter. This covers insurance and any other problems which may arise. Money spent on the items given away throughout the year amounts to between £200 and £300: additionally, money has to be found for the purchase of uniforms. A spokesman for the Trowbridge branch expressed their gratitiude for the grant.

For further information about the Trowbridge branch, or Street Pastors generally, please click this link.