During the recent Fairtrade Fortnight, and with the support of the Trowbridge Fairtrade group, Year 5 and 6 classes explored some of the many areas of Fairtrade and the impact on our choices, and the lives of others far away. They enjoyed playing the ‘Banana Breakdown’ game, estimating how much a farmer, supplier and distributor would receive from the sale of a banana or a Fairtrade banana and debated the equality of the process.

The classes also used online resources for ‘Choices and Consequences’ to explore the results of buying Fairtrade in many forms, from flowers to baking goods and cotton. Additionally, the classes researched the cocoa industry to understand the process ‘from bean to bar.’

At the end of the week, the pupils made ‘I can…’ statements, pledging to get involved in the Fairtrade movements by making small changes to our daily lives.