It’s a fact of life these days – most of us have a mobile device with a camera, always coming in useful to capture what some of us (of a certain age) might refer to as ‘Kodak moments’ . . . However, The Photo Club is now offering online courses for 11 to 19-year-olds who would like to further their knowledge of photography.

Founded in 2018 by youth worker and freelance photographer Kez Hawkins, The Photo Club began when the youth group with whom Kez worked took an interest in photography. Together they ran a very successful photography project which members of the group helped design. Kez was inspired by the passion of these young people to share the experience with others.

The Photo Club organises photography projects for young people aged 7 to 19, helping them learn new skills and encouraging them to be creative, while at the same time aiming to improve their sense of self-expression and motivation. Focusing on activities to help mental health & wellbeing, a lot of time is spent capturing great images and having fun.

Details of The Photo Club’s online courses for young people in Trowbridge can be found here. More upcoming plans include working with local youth group Trowbridge Future, and in early June there will be a ‘Face-To-Face’ day at the newly-reopened Trowbridge Museum: further details can be found on the museum’s website.

Find out more about The Photo Club through this link.