Many of us enjoy the odd packet of crisps – whether it’s with a beer or glass of wine in the evening, or maybe just to add a bit of crunch to that lunchtime sandwich . . . But then it comes to the empty bag: is there an alternative to just throwing it in the bin? Well, now you can help a deserving local charity by putting your empties in the Wiltshire Air Ambulance recycling bin, to be found in the lobby of the Civic Centre, next to Trowbridge Town Council’s Reception and Information Centre. As the saying goes, every little helps, so why not make a donation, however large or small – the Civic is open 8.30am until 4.00pm daily*. Another idea is to create bricks of crisp packets before dropping them off . . . starting with one packet and then folding others up and putting them inside the first until it resembles a brick – a fun project for the kids, maybe?
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* Please note that the Centre is closed on Wednesdays.