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Trowbridge Town Council offer grant funding support to local Community Groups and Organisations, supporting projects and initiatives which will directly benefit the residents of Trowbridge Town and the surrounding areas.  The application deadline is 31st July 2021 and we have a remaining budget of over £8,500 to help support local charities and volunteers.

There are two types of Grant Applications that are considered by the Town Council and they are:

General Grant Applications
Applications should be submitted by 31st July 2021 which will then be considered by Committee in August/September, with an opportunity for the relevant managers and other officers to consider applications which are appropriate to their departmental and individual areas of responsibility and make a recommendation to the committee and the chair of the committee. Cheques will be presented at the Full Council meeting on 21st September 2021.

The General Grant Application Form can be found here 

Core Funding Applications
If your organisation wishes to be considered for core funding in the 2021/22 Budget, applications should be submitted by 31st July 2021. Core Funding grants usually covers the long term to ensure that a local organisation has a sustained source of funding to cover operational costs. Core grants are considered in the year prior to the grant being awarded. When setting the budget (between September and January), the Council will consider whether existing core funding should continue and if any additional core funding applications should be budgeted for. Cheques will be presented at the July 2022 Full Council meeting.

The Core Funding Application From can be found here

The guidelines for the Funding Applications can be found here 2021-2022 Grants Procedure Guidelines.

If you need any guidance on either Trowbridge Town Council grants or alternative grant funding opportunities please contact Trowbridge Town Council on (01225) 765072 or email va************@tr********.uk">Varsha Patel-Rickitt who will be happy to offer guidance and support.