Please read the following from Kate at Wiltshire Council . . .

Wiltshire Council is fortunate to have a great number of foster carers who do an amazing job for our children in care. However we always need more as some retire or move away or more children come into care.

We have set ourselves a target over three years to find an additional 100 foster carers. The drive to recruit this number began in May 2020 and we’re already over 40 but we still need more.

As part of our mission to recruit more we are concentrating on specific areas over the next few months where we have a need for more foster carers.

The Trowbridge area is one of the places we want to target and in July we will be launching an online and physical campaign to encourage people throughout the area to consider fostering.

To cast our net as wide as possible I am asking people in the Trowbridge area to help us spread the message. We will be asking people to exhibit posters, share information on digital screens and advise of events that are upcoming where it will be helpful to have our information on display.

If you have any ways you think you could support us with this campaign I would be very grateful.

Please don’t hesitate contacting me on 01225 718066 to discuss further.

Kind regards, Kate