What is Wiltshire Youth Union (WYU)? 
WYU listens to young people who from all walks of life and who have different life experiences. WYU gives younger members of the community the opportunity to tell decision makers what it is like to be a young person and give suggestions of how things could be better. WYU champions the voices of young people and ensures that they get heard.  

One of the subject areas that young people have told us they want to talk about is mental health.
There are 4 parts to the project. 

Part 1 – Survey
We are asking young people from all across Wiltshire to complete this short survey about mental health (https://surveys.wiltshire.gov.uk/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=162385364246).  The information gathered from the survey will help WYU to understand what is important to young people in Wiltshire, while also also enabling them to tell decision makers what extra things are needed to help young people with their mental health. By completing the survey young people have the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Amazon Voucher.  

Part 2 – Group Chats
WYU will be talking with lots of different groups of young people. These conversations will give young people a chance to tell their stories and share their ideas in a safe way. If a young person does not want to speak in front of a group then this is okay, WYU are more than happy to speak with people on their own as well. Young people will tell us what they think decision makers should be focusing on. 

Part 3 – Meet the Leaders
Once WYU has  the results back from the survey and have met with lots of young people, then a small group of participants will share the findings with leaders at Wiltshire Council. These will include senior managers who run services and people that have been elected to their roles by the public, including the Leader of the Council.  The participants will also be invited to be part of decision-making committees, which means they will have the opportunity to sit alongside the leaders and help make positive changes.   

Part 4 – Feedback 
For the team at WYU it is important to inform everyone that has taken part about what has happened as a result of their efforts. This information will be put into a report and sent out to all children and young people. WYU will then check to see if the young people are happy with what has changed and if needed work with all parties until everyone is satisfied.  

How can you get involved?

If you are aged between 11 and 24 you can complete the above survey, if you have spare time and want to get more involved in group conversations, or ‘Meet the Leaders’ sessions, then please email ch****************@wi*******.uk or call 07385468393.