The Trowbridge Child Wellbeing Partnership was created in 2019. It brings together key partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Initially the aim was to address the effects of increasing child poverty. The Partnership has made some progress in this, for example raising £35,000 to buy digital devices for disadvantaged children and young people who were struggling to access online learning during lockdown. Poverty is complex, and it became clear that the most effective way to address it is to promote the wellbeing of children, families and young people. We believe our town can be an inspirational place for children to grow up in . . .

So that all our children and young people achieve their full potential, our Partnership will empower them to set the future direction of our town, beginning by creating a “Child Friendly Trowbridge”.

Inspired by the success of similar work in Leeds and other British cities, we are seeking to mobilise children, young people and families living in Trowbridge, and our partners around this idea. Using data and the collective knowledge of our community as an evidence, we will identify the most effective interventions, and deliver the social, economic, and cultural change needed.

Through engagement and involvement, we will promote a culture of leadership, boost resilience, and encourage our children and young people to becoming masters of their own destiny – building and taking ownership of our town for the future.

Having drafted a basic outline vision statement with representatives from key partners, we are now seeking to engage children, young people and families to develop it based on what really matters to them. As we emerge from the recent pandemic, this will play a crucial role in defining our future and making the best use of resources in recovering from its effects.

Once we have the views of children, young people and families, our shared vision will become a blueprint to guide the co-production of a “Child Friendly Trowbridge” – designed for the people, by the people to be inclusive, safe and aspirational. Please help us to make it a reality by supporting the partnership.

Partner Organisations
Trowbridge Town Council
Trowbridge Future
Trowbridge Town Hall
Trowbridge (Studley Green) Children’s Centre
Wiltshire Children’s Community Services (Trowbridge) Virgin Care
Wiltshire Council Family Learning
Selwood Housing
Youth for Christ Wiltshire
Trowbridge Police
Trowbridge Schools Collaborative
Active Trowbridge

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