Have you heard of Taboo, a Trowbridge-based chocolatier? Kat lovingly hand makes each and every bar in her home workshop. With 15 years’ food industry experience in manufacturing & quality control, she is also trained in EU labelling, Level 3 Food Safety, HACCP & COSHH, so all chocolate bars Kat produces are in her very qualified hands. 

Kat started Taboo because she has always enjoyed working with chocolate and wanted to create her own products to bring customers luxury, artisan chocolate, inspired by her own taste and travel experiences, bringing a personal touch, and striving to bring authentic flavours into the products to bring the best taste experiences.  

Taboo uses a high-quality Single Origin Colombian 60% chocolate from a producer where the cacao is grown by farmers that are part of a co-operative, meaning they are fairly paid for their cacao. It was chosen for Taboo’s products because of a perfect blend with the inclusions used to create Taboo’s signature flavours. All ingredients where possible are natural, including extracts & oils, petals, dried fruits or nuts. Kat is passionate about bringing the chocolate lover authentic flavours: she also believes the customer should get what the customer pays for, which is why Taboo bars are hand-made, hand blended, hand moulded, hand packed . . . and are packed full of ingredients for a truly luxury taste experience. 

Taboo is also passionate about the planet – Kat is constantly watching her eco-footprint, as well as producing great quality, tasty products. Taboo is a plastic free company, also using certified compostable bags for its bars, alongside kraft paper labels, as well as cardboard postal cartons & even paper tape. Where possible, Kat ensures that ingredients & packaging are sourced from plastic-free companies, and any packaging materials received from external suppliers are recycled. 

To find out more about Taboo, visit their website.