As part of her busy schedule of engagements, Trowbridge Mayor, Councillor Denise Bates recently paid a visit to the long-established Park Club, a day club for older Trowbridge residents, based within the Town Park. Before meeting those present, Councillor Bates gave a short speech introducing herself, and continuing on the topic of how everyone was at last adapting to the recent changes in everyday life. She was thanked by Stella How, the club’s organiser, and afterwards joined others to listen to a talk by a Mr. Salvat on ‘Twentieth-Century Architecture’ and of course, for a cup of tea.

The Park Club is currently seeking volunteers, to help with its day-to-day running (including making sure the kettle’s always on!). The club is open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am until 11.30am – could you or anyone you know help by doing a couple of hours one morning? Please call Pat on 01225 765814, or call into the club itself during the times above.