Wiltshire Council have given notice of resurfacing works programmed along Court Street & Mill Street, Trowbridge. The site extents can be viewed here.

The works will involve repairs to the existing carriageway and the adjustment of surface ironwork, and will commence on Monday 4th October 2021 and will be completed by Monday 11th October 2021 between the hours of 09:00 and 16:00: however, on occasion they may overrun due to uncontrollable circumstances such as plant breakdowns, if weather conditions are unfavourable, or occasionally, the need for additional repairs being discovered once the work has started.

There will be advance information signs erected on site giving confirmed start dates.

Due to the nature of the works and the local environment, the works will be carried out within a temporary road closure, to ensure that adequate health & safety is maintained for the contractor & local residents.

Ironwork adjustments may need to be completed at a later date.

You can view this via one.network by entering the following address into an internet browser: https://one.network/?tmi=GB20969880 & https://one.network/?tmi=GB20969879

The Contractor will maintain pedestrian access for residents for the duration of the works; but depending upon what operation is being undertaken and where, residents may find that when accessing or egressing from their property in their vehicle, they may experience a delay and have to wait for plant to be moved out of the carriageway.  It has been suggested to residents that when leaving their property, to allow extra time for any possible delays and when returning to their property, there will be traffic management operatives located at the extents of the works: residents will be able to speak to them, explain where they live, and the operatives will be able to assist where at all possible.

There will be points during the material laying process where vehicular access will be restricted as residents won’t be able to drive over the newly laid material, as early trafficking could lead to premature failure, therefore it has been recommended to residents that if works are being undertaken in the vicinity of their property to speak to the workforce in advance to ask if there will be any restrictions regarding access.

Advanced signing will be erected and letter drops to all residents located within the site extents will commence week starting Monday 20th September 2021. Signage will be in place advising that local businesses will be open as usual.

Wiltshire Council would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience these works will cause but trust you will appreciate the necessity for these essential works to maintain Wiltshire’s highway network.

Should you require any further information in advance of the works, please do not hesitate to contact David Fowler at David.Fowler2@atkinsglobal.com. If you wish to discuss the works whilst they are in operation, please speak to a member of the workforce who will direct you to the appropriate person.