Pupils from Years 1 and 2 at Trowbridge’s Oasis Academy Longmeadow were recently visited by the town’s Mayor, Councillor Denise Bates, where she learned all about their ‘Terrific Trowbridge’ geography project. Some of the youngest in the school, the pupils told Councillor Bates about the various things that they think makes their town a great place to live, and especially how they thought the town’s park could be improved, with the addition of more play equipment. Councillor Bates agreed with the children that Trowbridge was a fantastic place to live and talked to them about the importance of making a contribution to their community.

The school commented that it was important that the pupils had been given the chance to meet the Mayor in this fashion, and that the school’s curriculum allowed them to feel they were making a positive difference.

(Photograph courtesy of Oasis Academy Longmeadow.)