On a bright and sunny Thursday November 11th, Councillor Denise Bates, Mayor of Trowbridge led the traditional Two Minutes’ Silence at 11am to mark the Armistice, signed near Compiègne, France, bringing to an end warfare on land, sea and air in World War I between the Allies and their last remaining opponent, Germany.

A large crowd gathered at the War Memorial in the Town Park. With the Exaltation said by Capt. Roy Zaman (Retd.) of the RBL prior to the silence, and Kohima at its end, the silence was observed by the gathering, comprising members of the Royal British Legion, Trowbridge Town Council officials and members of the general public.

Members of the public are also advised that the town’s traditional Remembrance Sunday commemoration ceremony will take place at the Town Park War Memorial from 10.45am on Sunday November 14th. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, attendees are advised to wear a facemask where possible, and to continue to observe social distancing.