Wiltshire Council are starting work on the new facility on Monday the 28th March 2022. The Cycle and walk way will enable you to walk or cycle between Hilperton and Melksham on a mostly traffic free route.

The route will begin at Devizes road, Hilperton, joining the existing shared path from Devizes road to Trowbridge Rugby Club. The route then follows the byways HILP21, HILP22 and SEMI9A to meet St George’s Road in Semington. All of the byways will be resurfaced using a surface dressing that is suitable for cyclists, pedestrians and horse-riders. The drainage on the byways will also be improved, but to minimise the impact on local wildlife, the byways will not be lit.

From St George’s Road in Semington, the route will continue through High Street and Semington Road, where it will link with the Toucan crossing on the A350, which will be upgraded and access will be improved.

For full details visit the Wiltshire Council website here