Look what’s coming to Trowbridge from this weekend! Tag Tap AR is a brand new augmented reality game that let’s you explore a world of virtual reality 3D characters for free. There’s a host of Platinum Jubilee themes to collect as you, mapped out all across Trowbridge. Its a great excuse to get out walking and explore your local area.

What is TagTap AR?

TagTap AR is a FREE digital App whose ambition is to entice more people outdoors – through the use of technology.

That technology is known as Augmented Reality – this new technology gives us the opportunity to design digitally led walks. These walks will ultimately encourage more people to spend more time outdoors, walking.

Who is TagTap for?

TagTap is a for everyone.

It is available 24/7 and can be used by families at the weekend, school groups, clubs, senior adults, walking groups or anyone with a hand-held digital device.

The TagTap app is free to use but does require access to mobile data during it’s use.

How is TagTap used?

Firstly, the users, Download the TagTap app and create an account. They can then choose their local area and follow one of the pre-set routes.

The user can use a mobile phone, or tablet to follow the trails in their local area, using the app as a map to navigate to checkpoints.

Those checkpoints can consist of almost anything; Be it Dinosaurs, Sealife, Footballs, Monuments, historical facts… the themes are endless and there is plenty of room to scope out the specifics.