Know anyone who’s 16-25 and struggling?

What if they had the confidence to deal with any challenge that life throws at them?

Inner Flame empowers young people to overcome barriers, and realise their potential.

Our programmes are based on learning by experience, not on teaching:

  • Manage Anxiety – Your Way”, is for anyone aged 16-25 whose anxiety is holding them back. Participants explore ways to take care of themselves, improve their mental wellbeing, manage and overcome anxiety. They support each other in a small group online, with a friendly facilitator.
  • Prince’s Trust “Achieve” is a short course (2-4 weeks) helping participants to be active, build confidence and learn new life skills. The next programme in Trowbridge starts on 24th August.
  • Prince’s Trust “Team Programme” offers a range of challenges over 12 weeks, to develop teamwork skills and move towards employment. The 12 weeks include a residential activities week, two community projects, work experience, and training for job hunting. The next programme in Trowbridge starts in September.

They’re enjoyable and suitable for those who have not done well in formal education – though they can be life-changing for anyone whose life seems to have hit a brick wall.

What do employers want? What drives our personal success?

It’s less about knowledge – and more about mind-set.

Make new friends, challenge yourself, and do things you didn’t know you could!

All programmes are free, and for the Prince’s Trust Team Programme, we also cover transport costs. Details can be found here

Interested? The next step is easy:

We are happy for young people to be recommended to us, or to contact us directly.