Westbury Town Council has issued a plea for local residents and councillors to stop an incinerator being built on the edge of Westbury:


“The Planning Inspectorate will hold a public inquiry into this application in November 2022. Public opinion matters and will be considered at this inquiry, so we have one final opportunity to let the Planning Inspector know how we feel about this proposal.


We are asking you once again for your support – this time by encouraging your councillors and residents to write to the Planning Inspector expressing their views on this proposed incinerator, by no later than 23rd August 2022.


Westbury Town Council has been fighting against a planning application to build this incinerator capable of processing 430k tons of waste and adding at least an extra 80 HGV lorry movements along all major routes leading to Westbury, via numerous neighbouring towns and parishes.


With an anticipated operating lifespan of 25 years, if approved, this incinerator will add 25 years of pollution that won’t only impact Westbury, it will impact a far greater area. Not only will the building where waste is processed be huge and dominate the surrounding countryside, the chimney built to disperse emissions is so high it will be seen for miles spewing out 230,000 tons of CO2 and a myriad of other chemicals and pollutants which will drift with the wind direction before finally finding a place to settle many miles away from source, adding to the additional pollution from the extra vehicles on our already congested roads. Who knows where these particulates will settle – it could be your town or parish.


With studies showing there is capacity at other incinerators which are already operating, it is difficult to see any real benefit or need for another incinerator. The largely automated operating systems at this proposed site will provide few employment opportunities and pollutions emitted could have a detrimental impact on food production at the adjoining Arla Diaries Ltd threatening the longer-term prospects for 250 employees and countless diary farmers across the Southwest.


This is the final opportunity we have to put a stop to this incinerator – we must act to protect our families, children and grandchildren now and for the future and we are asking your help to do this. Below is a leaflet which Westbury Town Council will be sending to all households in the town this week urging them to write to the Planning Inspector by 23rd August 2022.

A link to the relevant page on our website can be found here – WEBSITE LINK


All written submissions should be sent to:


Alison Dyson
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3c
Temple Quay House
2 The Square


And email responses to:  al**********@pl******************.uk


Thank you in anticipation of your support”.